Uri Gellar – Luxury Conservatory

Uri Gellar – Luxury Conservatory

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Uri Gellar may well be known for his amazing spoon bending antics, but when it comes to getting a smooth, flat floor he’s less skilled; so, he came to FastTrack Screeding for assistance. To achieve this fantastic result, we used Ardex A 23 screed. This is a rapid hardening screed that can take light foot traffic after just two hours, which Uri couldn’t wait to try out!

When you impress an incredible illusionist, you must be doing something right!

Ardex A 23 screed is also suitable for use with underfloor heating and is ideal for any floor covering preference. You can install ceramic tiles after 48 hours, natural stone after 72 hours, and even resilient and wood floor finishes after 6 days.

Watch the video for more details on screeding application.

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This is incredible. It’s drying while he’s still working here. I can’t believe this.

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