Laying & Levelling Floor Screeding

Laying & Levelling Floor Screeding

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construction1Our team of technicians with the aid of lasers ensure the screeding installed is levelled throughout, whilst being applied. We also use a Power Floating machine alongside lasers to ensure 100% floor levelness has been achieved and it also provides and extra smooth finish. Check out our video on screeding & levelling floors to view this process being carried out.

Watch the video to see the system of laying and levelling floors in action. If you’re not an Ardex fanatic yet, you soon will be!

Using a screeding system that eliminates stress and guarantees quality is worth shouting about – and that’s why we’ve made a video on it! System Ardex is applicable to a huge range of flooring needs, always leaving a smooth, level surface, as you can see from this video. We’ve applied Sytem Ardex to all kinds of projects, from Selfridges’ flagship store on Oxford Street to Uri Gellar’s home!