How to use Ardex R3E

How to use Ardex R3E

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ARDEX R 3 E Solvent Free Epoxy Primer and Bonding Agent is a two component, solvent free, epoxy resin for use on sound concrete, cementitious surfaces, calcium sulphate based screeds and smoothing compounds.

ARDEX R 3 E forms a primer/bonding layer on most dry substrates, especially smooth or dense surfaces in internal and external situations.

ARDEX R 3 E can be used as a primer and bonding bridge, prior to the application of the ARDEX range of Cement-Based Tiling and Flooring products, and on cementitious and Calcium Sulphate based screeds. ARDEX R 3 E must be sand blinded to refusal, with dry ARDEX FINE AGGREGATE to give a mechanical key for use as a primer prior to application of the ARDEX K 80/ARDEX SD-T B Industrial Floor System, or other appropriate ARDEX Cement Based products and Smoothing Compounds.

Where substrates are very porous, more than one coat of ARDEX R 3 E may be required to saturate the surface and achieve the desired bonding efficiency. For applications where the relative humidity (RH) of the substrate is in excess of 75%, or where a structural Damp Proof
Membrane is not installed, ARDEX DPM 1 C should be used prior to applying ARDEX R 3 E.

The concrete or screed substrate must be hard, sound and free of dust and other barrier materials such as paint, lime coatings, plaster, curing agents, laitance, adhesive residues etc., that will inhibit
adhesion to the substrate.

Use a Degreaser to remove polish, wax, grease, oil and similar contaminating substances prior to mechanical preparation.

All substrates must be prepared using appropriate, mechanised surface preparation equipment, prior to applying the recommended ARDEX products. Then completely remove any dust and
fines by the use of brushing combined with effective industrial vacuum extraction equipment. The mechanical preparation is required to a suitable depth that exposes aggregate and a sound hard surface ready to receive treatment.

NOTE: Any joints or cracks in the concrete
base where differential movement is
anticipated e.g., movement joints, should
be brought through to the finished surface
and suitably sealed.

The individual components of the ARDEX R 3 E Solvent Free Epoxy Primer should be thoroughly stirred before being mixed together. The entire contents of the hardener container (Component B)
should be poured into the resin container (Component A) and the two materials mixed thoroughly for at least 3 minutes, using a heavy duty slow speed drill and spiral paddle. Some of the mixed
components should be reintroduced back into the hardener container in order to activate any residue, and then poured back into the larger mixing vessel and re-mixed for 30 seconds.

Mixing in this way will ensure product consistency, and any resin that remains in the containers, after application, will cure to allow for easier waste disposal. The mixed primer has a working time
not more than 20 minutes at 20°C after which, all remaining material must not be used but be discarded safely.

NOTE: Once mixed, ARDEX R 3 E will generate heat and lose working time if it is left in the mixing container or otherwise kept in bulk.

NOTE: Always wear suitable eye/face protection and gloves.

Once mixed, the material should be spread over the floor as the self-heating in the container will reduce working time. Apply using a brush or short/medium pile roller. One or more coats may be
required to ensure that a uniform coating is achieved and to compensate for differences in surface porosity.

All movement joints in the subfloor must be carried through the topping and properly sealed. Construction joints and cracks, not subject to movement, may be overlaid but should the floor move in any way, these defects will reflect through the system. Isolation joints will need to be
allowed for in areas where high thermal movement is anticipated, e.g. around ovens and freezers.

When applying ARDEX FINE AGGREGATE as a sand blind, ensure this is carried out whilst the ARDEX R 3 E is still fresh and as the application progresses.

Blinding is a full covering of dry ARDEX FINE AGGREGATE onto the wet ARDEX R 3 E surface.

Excess fine aggregate must be removed by brushing or vacuum after the ARDEX R 3 E has set, leaving a sand paper like finish.

6kg units of ARDEX R 3 E Solvent Free Epoxy Primer are supplied in pre-gauged metal duo containers. The hardener (Component B) is in the small container and the resin (Component A) is in the large container with sufficient space to add the hardener (Component B).

Approximately 24m2 per 6kg unit.

Working time – 20 minutes at 20°C
Walkability – 6-8 hours at 20°C
Overcoat time – 8 hours at 20°C

ARDEX R 3 E Solvent Free Epoxy Primer should be allowed to cure prior to the installation of the cement and sand screed or smoothing compound, typically 8 hours at 20°C.

Store in dry conditions. ARDEX R 3 E Solvent Free Epoxy Primer has a storage life of not less than 12 months in the original unopened containers.

NOTE: For the latest technical or health and safety information on this product, consult the current technical or health and safety data sheet online at

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