We install a range of Screeding Products and Smoothing Compounds upon which impervious floor coverings can be laid a few hours later. This is ideal for use in the transport sector, where there is only a very narrow window of downtime to have floors covered, dried and ready for use.

We supplied this service to the London Underground and the floors were ready to be walked on within hours of installation.

Our client was very satisfied with our performance, so we can now hop on the train to our next screeding stop, safe in the knowledge that we’ve provided a top-quality product to one of the capital’s leading stations.


We delivered approximately 32m2 of Ardex A35 screed to the station floor that includes some falls, presenting a smooth surface throughout. We installed the screed at an average depth of 60mm and ensured the floor was ready to receive heavy foot traffic within hours.

Since London’s Cannon Street Station is a central railway terminus in the city, with connections to the London Underground, it was crucial that we completed the job efficiently.

If you have any questions about our Installation Service or any of the Ardex screeds we have available, please don't hesitate to get in touch.