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Flexible Rapid Hardening and Rapid Drying Natural Stone Tile Adhesive


ARDEX S 20 virtually eliminates the risk of water staining and is ideal for uncalibrated stone. For bed thicknesses from 5mm to 20mm.

  • Ideal for natural stone tiles – eliminates the risk of water staining
  • Can be walked on and grouted 3 hours after fixing
  • ARDEX S 20 W white is ideal for fixing light and translucent marble and other types of translucent natural stones
  • For internal, dry or intermittently damp locations
  • Suitable for use on heated sub-floors
  • For use on walls and floors
  • Technical Datasheet
  • Health and Safety Datasheet
  • Declaration of Performance


Unit Size Available: 22kg

Coverage: Approximately 4.1m2 at 3mm thick

Flexible Rapid Hardening and Rapid Drying Natural Stone Tile Adhesive

ARDEX S 20 is classified as C1 F “fast setting cementitious adhesive” and ARDEX S 20 W is classified as C2 F “improved fast setting cementitious adhesive with additional characteristics” in accordance with BS EN 12004. ARDEX S 20 is a special rapid hardening and drying, cement-based adhesive for fixing uncalibrated natural stone floor and wall tiles in internal situations. Tiles fixed with ARDEX S 20 can be grouted and subjected to foot traffic 3 hours after fixing at normal temperatures.
It is particularly suitable for use in situations where the adhesive bed has to dry quickly to reduce the risk of moisture staining of the stone. ARDEX S 20 is a grey or white powder based on special cements, high quality synthetic resins and fillers, which is mixed with water to produce a slump free, easily applied mortar with a working time of approximately 45-60 minutes. The mortar adheres strongly to most building materials such as concrete, cement / sand render and screeds, brickwork, blockwork, etc. In some cases surface preparation, such as priming may be required prior to fixing. For fixing on wooden floors consult the ARDEX-FLEX 7001 Timber System data sheet.
For asphalt floors consult the “Fixing Ceramic Tiles to Internal Asphalt Floors” data sheet. ARDEX S 20 is not recommended for fixing tiles in external locations and permanently wet locations such as swimming pools etc. In these situations we recommend the use of ARDEX-FLEX S 38 for bedding floor tiles, and ARDEX X 7, ARDEX X 7 G Plus, ARDEX-FLEX 5000, ARDEX-FLEX 5001 or ARDEX-FLEX 6001 as appropriate for wall and floor tiling