This iconic retail company came to us with the need for impressive and sleek flooring for their flagship store on Oxford Street. We were thrilled to be selected, and didn’t fail to astound the client, in addition to the customers who shop at Selfridges and anticipate the clean, fresh design.


Ardex Primers, Admixes & Ancillaries

Ardex P51 Primer Water-Based Primer & Bonding Agent, 25kg

£130.33 (incl. VAT £156.40 )
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£28.99 (incl. VAT £34.79 )
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£33.60 (incl. VAT £40.32 )
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Ardex Smoothing & Levelling Compounds

Arditex NA Smoothing and Levelling Compound, 24.85kg

£24.99 (incl. VAT £29.99 )
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If you have any questions about our Installation Service or any of the Ardex screeds we have available, please don't hesitate to get in touch.