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Quality Primers and Admixes

We offer a broad range of high quality primers and admixes, including Bostik and ARDEX primers, and ARDEX waterproof admix.

ARDEX primers are market leaders. We supply a range of ARDEX primers suited to a variety of applications, such as ARDEX R 3 E Moisture Tolerant Epoxy Primer – a solvent-free epoxy resin, for use on concrete and cementitious surfaces that have damp surfaces, prior to the application of screeds and epoxy floor coatings.

We also stock ARDEX admix. When used with ARDEX smoothing compound, ARDEX admixture E25 mortar imparts strength and durability where high point loadings and heavy traffic are expected. It also improves adhesion and inhibits ingress of water in intermittently damp locations.

We also stock Bostik’s Screedmaster Universal Primer – a multipurpose water-based floor primer, suitable for use prior to any Bostik levelling compound. Bostik’s Universal Primer offers excellent coverage rates and will dry within one hour (under ideal conditions), making it perfect for fast tracked projects.

For advice and guidance on our range of primers and admixes, please call and speak to a friendly member of our team.

View our full range of Bostik and ARDEX primers and waterproof admix products, below.

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