We promise NEVER to be beaten on price by any of our competitors. If you see a price advertised cheaper online, we’ll match it for you, no questions asked! We simply need to make sure the item you have seen is identical and in stock, and then we’re good to go.


  • Give us a call on 01753 971373
  • Let our friendly team know the product code
  • Tell us where you spotted it
  • Let our team work their magic

That’s it! We’ll need to confirm the price of the product, so make sure you’ve got a link to it to hand. The whole thing should only take a few minutes and you’ll know you’re getting the best deal


  • The product must be brand new and identical to ours
  • Any contents supplied with a specific model number of product must be exactly the same
  • The product must be in stock and available within the same time frame as ours
  • We can not guarantee that we can match offer codes or voucher based deals that apply on top of our competitors visible pricing.
  • We cannot guarantee to match prices that are only available to memberships schemes or subscriptions
  • We can match the price of an item but not delivery charges or services

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