FastTrack Screeding – 750 m2 of Ardex A23 Floor screed in Bognor Regis

750 m2 of Ardex A23 Floor Screed install over 12 Flats in Bognor Regis. We only had five days to complete the installation, which we did not fail to deliver. Our Client was delighted with the quality of the works and the drying time of the Ardex A23 product.

DESCRIPTION ARDEX A 23 is a special cement for producing a rapid hardening floor screed for internal use which allows ceramic tiles to be fixed after 48 hours, natural stone after 72 hours, and resilient floor coverings after 6 days. USE ARDEX A 23 is used to produce bonded, unbonded and floating screeds in internal locations where early foot traffic is required and where rapid drying is essential, e.g. to allow ceramic/porcelain tiles to be laid after 48 hours. A 1:7 mix is suitable for most normal screeding situations. ARDEX A 23 can be installed on ground supported concrete slabs if an effective damp proof membrane is present. ARDEX A 23 is not suitable as a wearing surface. THICKNESS ARDEX A 23 should be applied at the conventional thicknesses for normal cement/sand screeds i.e. Minimum 20mm, (design thickness up to 40mm) for bonded screeds. Minimum 50mm for unbonded screeds. Minimum 75mm for floating screeds. 65mm in lightly loaded (domestic) locations.

  • Fix Ceramic Tiles after 48 hours
  • Fix Natural Stone Tiles after 3 days
  • Fit Carpet, Vinyls or Wood Floor Coverings after 6 days
  • Pumpable for fast application and tight access areas
  • Commission your Underfloor Heating after 6 days
  • Save Two Months on your over all Build
  • Coverage: 1:7 mix = 0.27kg/m_/mm

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