Welcome to the brave new world of ‘FastTrack Screeding’. Specialist Fast Drying Screeds is more in demand than ever before due to site conditions and time restrictions. If you use these screeds then the area can be walked on within three hours and the floor covering can be laid within four hours. What more could you want?

Moisture Lock System

ARDEX fast track cements for screeds incorporate ‘RAPID DRY FORMULA’ Technology, binding the water used for mixing within the cement, ensuring rapid drying, rapid strength development and minimum shrinkage, regardless of thickness

Reduced Downtime

These unique properties perform under typical UK site conditions, allowing the area to be walked on in just hours, as opposed to traditional screeds which require a week as per BS 8204, and floorcoverings can be installed in as little as 4 hours. Furthermore, ARDEX screeds can pass a BRE Screed Test after just 6 hours, rather than 2 weeks with conventional screeds.

Minimum Shrinkage

With controlled shrinkage properties, ARDEX cements for screeds also minimise the risk of curling and cracking, even at thicker applications. This allows floor coverings to be installed quickly and reliably, and ensures a faultless nish throughout the life of the screed.


With regard to drying times, the British standards (BS 8204) state that a Standard Traditional / Fibre Screed will take 1mm per day, up to 50mm, and considerably more over that thickness to dry out, and that would be in ideal summer conditions of 18c to 20c, so people often find they have a 100mm of screed to lay and realise that they have well in excess of 100 days of drying time to wait before they can lay any floor coverings and turn on there new Underfloor Heating System.

Just browse through our case studies to see the high quality results we’ve achieved for our top commercial and domestic clients.

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Good quality Fast Drying Floor Screeds is all that’s behind a smooth level floor. Screeding is necessary, but Traditional Screeds can take a few months to dry out before the final floor covering can be laid down. Whether a commercial or domestic project, if you’re on a strict deadline to get the project completed or if you need a fast turnaround then a traditional screed isn’t the best option.

The time you spend in waiting for the screed to dry out could delay your completion date. For those on strict deadlines this simply won’t do. The solution? Fast drying screeding, or more specifically, ARDEX rapid drying screed cements.

If you have any questions about Fast Drying Screeds or any of the Ardex screeds we have available, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


If you have any questions about our Installation Service or any of the Ardex screeds we have available, please don't hesitate to get in touch.